Technical documentation and manuals


Technical documentation is crucial for all products which reach the consumer. Do you want up to date documentation, no supplies, and kanban deliveries? Discover the proven concept of Ovimex, and experience the power of our Web2Print concept.

Markets are changing

Your technical documentation is in safe hands with Ovimex. Our Web2Print concept extends as far as we are able to deliver KANBAN in full based on your forecast for that day. You will receive exactly what has been planned for the manufacturing/assembly line on each working day. Are you not yet commercially viable? Then step back into the concept of Ovimex and we will both print and deliver production batches for several days.

Your benefits:

  1. No or fewer supplies
  2. Up to date documentation, no obsolete supplies
  3. A link to our Web2Print production and management tool.
  4. Significant savings on your printing costs.


  • HV FSC silk mc
  • HV FSC offset
  • LHH FSC uncoated

Inkjet specifications

  • High pigmented ink in conjunction with the bonding agent for high performance printing.
  • Maximum roll width of 559 mm
  • Maximum printing width of 520 mm
  • Maximum print image length 1,800 mm
  • Paper; from 40 to 250 grams of coated and uncoated paper
  • Speed of ​​up to 125 metres per minute.
  • Printing; maximum two-sided full-colour