Journals, magazines and loose-leaf publications


Manage your subscribers or target audience to the full, but with lower costs than in offset. Inkjet technology has matured, and has Ovimex has proven this with many satisfied clients.

The turnaround point for Offset to Inkjet has been achieved with many titles. No setup fees with Inkjet, yet still with 100% quality. The number of titles in your portfolio can be maintained. A complete Web2Print production flow, management information regarding the use of paper, number of pages ……………etc.

Welcome to the new world of quality and service at lower costs.

Step up to this new and innovative business model

More titles, however the average circulation decreases, and this is the high-quality inkjet technology where Ovimex is able to provide an answer to this trend. It is able to respond to market developments more efficiently and with lower costs.

Your benefits:

  • The number of subscribers declines, and the production offset becomes too expensive, however the continuity of the edition is guaranteed with Inkjet.
  • Maintain the number of titles within your portfolio.
  • Realise a genuine purchasing advantage by working with our team to adopt the successful Web2Print concept.


  • HV FSC silk mc
  • HV FSC offset
  • LHH FSC uncoated
  • 50 and 60 gram fine prints

Inkjet Press specifications

  • High pigmented ink in conjunction with the bonding agent for high performance printing.
  • Maximum roll width of 559 mm
  • Maximum printing width of 520 mm
  • Maximum print image length 1,800 mm
  • Paper; from 40 to 250 grams of coated and uncoated paper
  • Speed of ​​up to 125 metres per minute.
  • Printing; maximum two-sided full-colour