DM campaigns


The combination of customer and market data, and variable data capabilities of the HP T200 gives you the flexibility to create virtually any type of direct mail.

Markets are changing

One on one communication with consumers has been around for as long as possible but now comes with the unprecedented power of Inkjet Rotation. Text, colour and images, your DM project is fully tailored to your recipient. Applying your budget where it ‘matters’, and the ROI are measurably superior to a general DM where many recipients quickly fall in response.

Develop a test project with Ovimex and experience the power of our IT team and Inkjet Rotation.

Your benefits:

  1. Integration of variable colour and text, complete one to one personalisation.
  2. Reduce your postage costs with our HR FSC silk mc types
  3. Power colour Inkjet like never experienced before
  4. More response and growth within your DM campaigns.


  • HV FSC silk mc
  • HV FSC offset
  • LHH FSC uncoated

Our Silk mc paper type has a look and feel of a higher number of grams. For example, our 100-gram silk feels like 115 grams. Think of the potentially huge savings on your postage costs!

Inkjet Press specifications

  • High pigmented ink in conjunction with a bonding agent for high performance printing.
  • Maximum roll width of 559 mm
  • Maximum printing width of 520 mm
  • Maximum print image length 1,800 mm
  • Paper; from 40 to 250 grams of coated and uncoated paper
  • Speed of ​​up to 125 metres per minute.
  • Printing; maximum two-sided full-colour