The production of books at Ovimex is divided into two product groups;

  • Educational and Scientific
  • Novels

From a (small) one-off run with eye-catching covers to exclusive web2print driven concepts. With the HP T200 in combination with the HP Indigo, our IT people are able to offer a wide range of possibilities. You will be impressed by both the quality and speed.

Step up to this new and innovative business model

More titles, however the average circulation decreases, and this is the type of high-quality inkjet technology where Ovimex is able to provide an answer to this trend. It is able to respond to market developments more efficiently and with lower costs.

Your benefits:

  • Fewer supplies = ‘surplus’ of cost reduction
  • Reduce your production circulation per print run, as with Inkjet there are no set costs like as with Offset,
  • Realise a genuine purchasing advantage by working with our team to adopt the successful Web2Print concept.

Inkjet substrates

 Educational and scientific

  • HV FSC silk mc
  • HV FSC offset
  • LHH FSC uncoated


  • 3 types of 80g novel printing

Inkjet Press specifications

  • High pigmented ink in conjunction with the bonding agent for high performance printing.
  • Maximum roll width of 559 mm
  • Maximum printing width of 520 mm
  • Maximum print image length 1,800 mm
  • Paper; from 40 to 250 grams of coated and uncoated paper
  • Speed of ​​up to 125 metres per minute.

Printing; maximum two-sided full-colour