A new generation of inks and print heads with the Ovimex T200 high-end inkjet rotary press

In week 2, the planned upgrade of our T200 Inkjet rotary press was completed. The new generation of ink, control software, and print heads are now installed. Of course, the team has undergone some extensive testing: without exaggerating, the result is superb.

  • Greater colour intensity
  • More pure colours
  • Upon the client’s request, the print image can include other values apart from the default values
  • Droplet size of the new print head is smaller, and therefore sharper

This is a major step forward in positioning, and in the quality of our inkjet concept. Last but not least: The new generation of inks is being led by the Nordic Swan label, and by the UL sustainability label.

This means that Ovimex is raising the bar even higher.